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The stained glass suncatchers are made by using the copper foil method invented by the famous Louis Comfort Tiffany (1887-1974). 

First a design is defined on paper, appropriately coloured glass is selected to suit the project and the individual pieces are hand cut to the design. 

We use high quality American glass because of the wide range of both textures and colours available.  Once all of the pieces have been cut, they are put through a grinding process to final shape. This includes machining or hand finishing with a carborundum grinding stone to ensure a precise fit and shape. 

A self-adhesive overlapping copper foil is then applied to the edges of each piece and smoothed over to achieve a perfect seam.  The foiled pieces are laid on to the design, and pinned in position; flux is applied and the seams are soldered. 

If the article is to be hung for display, a wire loop is soldered into the best position for this. 

The item is washed to remove residual flux and dirt, dried, and patinated.  Applying patina gives the design definition and brings out the glass colours and textures. 

Finally a good polish brings up the finish to achieve a beautiful sun catcher, and it is then carefully examined in final quality control.


Because each object is individually handmade, the glass may vary slightly between individual items.  All are made to the same exacting standards.  Some of the sun catchers are derived from various book patterns, others from personal whim and inspiration. All make excellent gifts.


Each creation is made from genuine stained glass and will not fade in sunlight, unlike painted and waterproofed glassware, enabling them to be displayed inside or out. 

All items can be varied to order and customized, and we are happy to discuss variations in colours or size, as well as specific commissions or creation. All are of course dependent on the specific glass being available.


All hanging items come ready for hanging with a suction hook and nylon thread for direct window application.




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