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This window was made for an Israeli client to be installed into his summer room.  Having great light behind it, shows off the magnificent coloured glass.

On these pages are Examples of Custom-made Windows and Lampshades - bespoke services requested by, and tailor-made for individual clients. For other customised creations, please also see the [Other Products]Section.



This is a perfect example of using a small space with an attractive window.  It was made for a garage door and allows a scenic view of the garden. 


                     VINE WINDOW

This window was made for a wine cellar door and used in a restaurant.  An example of combining both the leaded and foiled system.  Note the grapes made from glass "jewels" - great effect. 

                  HERON WINDOW

The idea of this window came from the client, then designed  and made by myself.  Loads of light had to brought into it as it was an internal window, between the lounge and the kitchen.






                  PARROT WINDOW

This window was installed on a frame with a light behind it to enhance a rather dull wall.


                RED ROSE DOOR 

Six panels were made up to make this glass door a lot more attractive.

                OLD DOOR

It is possible to make a window into any shape as you will see from this one.


This window fronts my studio.  I've always been fascinated by the beauty of waterlily plants.


                        ROSE WINDOWS

This window is a set of four that were made for a hairdressing salon.

             STAR WINDOW

This leaded star window has been installed next to a wooden front door.

 CATS PANEL    Made for a Sussex Customer

Cats Panel

A Plaque showing two Siamese Cats as a House Number of their owners. Siamese Plaque example

Fleur des Lis Panel

made with bevels to fit above a door.


    Below: The 'AMOR WINDOW'

Sunburst panel 

Bespoke Sunburst window made to measure with transparent hammered glass and lead came.


Sunburst installed

Completed installed window.

Koi Panel  
  Please use the [Contact Us] page or your own email to discuss individual requirements, designs, colours, pricing etc, as large or complex products such as these are all made individually and to specification.


 Above:  A large 12-Panel cartoon of a small traffic jam (caused by a broken-down Morris), using specifically requested vehicles, and built to fit the windows of a client's garage double doors. This is the view from inside the garage, the window illuminated by outside light.

This Heron window was designed and custom-made for a Suffolk-based client that wished to fill a particular window space. The design process involves an initial exchange of dimensions, drawings and types of glass for the various colours. After the window panel is complete it is collected or hand-delivered.

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